Calgary energy service now eyeing Powder River, Permian, Bakken

By Luke Geiver | October 03, 2018

A Calgary-based oil technology and pump provider is making plans to expand in the Powder River, Permian and Williston Basins. Divergent Energy Services provided an operational outlook this week detailing what it called an increasing market in the PRB of Wyoming. Some companies, the Divergent team noted, are looking past the Permian and towards the Powder River Basin.

Because of the time required for Canadian operation installs of Divergent’s technology, the company also said the PRB and Permian or Bakken offer an outlet for its technology. “The headwinds in the Canadian energy industry are revealing an ever increasing difficulty in getting clients to approve an install. Management may shift its focus to the U.S. and pursue opportunities in the Southern U.S. that have presented themselves,” Divergent said.

The company has a supply facility in Gillette to meet the demand for new submersible pumps. Clients that produce from coal bed methane streams and oil zones are in need of Divergent’s technology, according to the company. “Growth in the oil side of the business is directly linked to the amount of inventory kept on hand. We are gradually increasing the number of available sizes of motors and pumps, working diligently without our means as these items have long delivery time and the vendors require payment in advance,” the company said.

Divergent supplies electromagnetic pumps, electric submersible pumps and electric submersible progressing cavity pumps.