New JV, ShaleTECH, to provide mine-to-well head solutions

By OmniTRAX | October 23, 2018

An affiliate of OmniTRAX Inc., one of the largest privately held transportation service companies in North America, and 1845 Oil Field Services, a leading truck freight provider, have formed ShaleTECH Transport to expand last mile transportation and energy logistics offerings to oil and gas producers and their partners. The new company is the combination of two complementary organizations focused on providing cost effective, safe and reliable mine-to-well-head supply chain logistics solutions.

The joint venture will extend the service offering of OmniTRAX Energy Solutions (OES), an affiliate of OmniTRAX that provides frack sand storage and transload services and a patented last-mile containerized bin-to-blender proppant delivery solution. When fully implemented, ShaleTECH Transport will deliver scalable capacity, quality drivers and other support personnel, logistics management expertise and product visibility that will dramatically reduce demurrage and non-productive time at wellheads. OES is also backing the venture with the financial support required to provide the long-term service arrangements customers are demanding.

“We are very excited about our collaboration with 1845 Oil Field Services and bringing added value to our joint customer base. 1845 is one of the largest transport providers servicing the industry today and their well pad logistics experience and management combined with our last-mile delivery technology will create new operating efficiencies for the supply chain,” said Kevin Shuba, CEO of OmniTRAX.

“OES is a well-capitalized company built on 40 years of investment in strategic energy assets, supply chain infrastructure and facilities, with multiple touch points throughout the supply chain. Our past experience and dedication to the industry and people carry forward into the newly formed joint venture. ShaleTECH Transport pairs decades of expertise with new technologies unrivaled in the oil and gas industry to create a uniquely positioned fully-integrated independent logistics organization that will give customers certainty from mine to wellhead.”

Robbie Ballard, president and Chief Operating Officer of 1845 Oil Field Services, has been named President of ShaleTECH Transport. The headquarters of the joint venture is in Weatherford, Texas.

“With a strong emphasis on customer needs, we want to continue to evolve and grow with the industry by uncovering additional operating efficiencies and cost saving solutions. Partnering with OmniTRAX and its last-mile containerized solution gives us the opportunity to showcase the efficiencies of the technology when the logistics are managed effectively. By leveraging the logistics expertise of both companies, ShaleTECH Transport will provide best in class services,” said Ballard.

“We are also excited to be creating a safe, scalable, driver-friendly operating platform that addresses the most challenging regulatory issues facing today’s energy transportation industry.”

ShaleTECH Transport will have the capabilities and assets to meet customer needs. Within twelve months, the company is expected to be active in all major oil and gas basins. The long-term strategic roll out will focus on making investments in assets to align the company’s growth with industry demand for integrated last-mile logistics services.