New shale tech provides real-time picture, avoids frack hits

By Luke Geiver | January 28, 2019

A new technology that allows hydraulic fracture engineers to view a real-time picture of a created fracture network in shale oil and gas wells has received $10.5 million in backing. Quantum Energy Partners, an energy investment firm, has infused Austin, Texas-based Seismos with money to help the frack tech provider grow its operations. Panos Adamopoulos, founder and CEO of Seismos, said the system allows E&Ps to customize stage treatment designs on-the-fly. The system helps “quantify the impact of each stimulation variable to the properties of the fracture system developed, compensate for variations in geology, avoid frack-hits and optimize well spacing and field development.”

Seismos has developed a trademarked product called Seismos-Frac, to allow engineers to adjust and optimize their treatment operations. In addition to the real-time monitoring, the system provides a better understanding of geometry downhole, allowing engineers to enhance flowback into the wellbore. According to the company, the system has already been successfully deployed in multiple U.S. shale plays, including the Permian, Eagle Ford, DJ Basin, and Haynesville shale.

Developed in conjunction with Stanford University faculty members, the technology has proven to be effective to initial users, according to Jeffrey Harris, venture partner at Quantum Energy. “The increasing number of exploration and production companies repeatedly using Seismos’ technology supports the need for additional resources to meet growing market demand,” Harris said.