Oilfield trucking company gives drivers a reason to stay

By Patrick C. Miller | March 19, 2019

Chuck Johnson, president and CEO of Utah-based Brady Trucking Inc., has made it his goal to retain company drivers.

While forming partnerships with some of the largest oilfield services companies in the world and doubling in size over a three-year period, Brady Trucking has reduced its driver turnover by 31 percent and has a goal to reduce turnover by another 20 percent this year.

Founded in 1980, Brady Trucking owns and operates more than 250 Peterbilt trucks and more than 300 trailers at transportation facilities throughout the Rocky Mountain region, including the Bakken shale play. It has terminals in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and North Dakota.

The oil and gas industry poses a unique challenge because drivers spend long periods waiting, and then have times of high-intensity activity that’s both physically and mentally demanding. Brady Trucking hired Jason Crowell as its manager of recruiting and retention to deal with these challenges.

One tool the company implemented to find a solution to the problem was using Stay Metrics onboarding surveys to check in with drivers at key points after their hire dates. The surveys helped the company understand driver expectations and learn whether those expectations were being met.

Based in South Bend, Indiana, Stay Metrics is designed to help motor carriers retain personnel. Its retention tool kit includes onboarding, exit and annual satisfaction surveys, as well as an online rewards platform. The surveys are designed to provide companies with data on what causes turnover and what changes can be made to reduce it.

Brady Trucking learned from initial reports that drivers’ expectations on compensation were not being set appropriately. Crowell found that recruiters weren’t adequately explaining how drivers could ramp up to the pay they expected after they were fully oriented and trained.

The solution was a driver expectations worksheet that each new hire filled out. It asked drivers to list their expectations for compensation. The company would then inform them on what was required reach this level. This process takes the guesswork out of drivers’ expected pay while reassuring potentially unsatisfied drivers that their expectations will be met soon.

Brady Trucking also implemented a Stay Metrics awards program that enables drivers to redeem points earned for completing training, attending safety meetings and meeting their objectives. Crowell said a leaderboard displays how many points each driver has earned in a month, keeping competitive drivers engaged.

The awards also enable managers to award drivers when they’re doing something well or going above and beyond expectations. Each award also includes a message from the manager, letting the drivers know exactly what they did right.