Ag firm establishes oil produced water tech in Wyoming oil fields

By Encore Green Environmental | July 30, 2019

Agricultural company Encore Green Environmental announces its latest project to process oilfield by-product water for land application to foster agriculture and conservation using its trademarked Conservation By-Design methodology.

Wyoming Western Oil, along with landowner Donald J. Brown of Mountain Vista LLC, have selected Encore Green Environmental to handle their oilfield by-product water in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.

Conservation By-Design is a patent-pending methodology which re-purposes by-product water from oil wells, sometimes called ‘produced water,’ to be processed to match the needs of the surrounding soil and then applied to the ground.

Adding a new source of water to arid land increases vegetation growth such as grassland, creates a healthy soil, and because of nature’s own carbon capture, reduces the amount of carbon in the air.

This is the latest in a growing list of oil companies and landowners who have signed on with Encore Green Environmental to find a more purposeful and environmentally-friendly solution to this water, instead of traditional injection or ponding.

“Wyoming Western Oil embraces the independent spirt of the West and are looking forward to putting our produced water to good use for the land,” said John Gross from Wyoming Western Oil.

The Wyoming project will find assistance by the University of Wyoming’s Center of Excellence in Produced Water Management, who will be analyzing the water, a key part of Conservation By-Design.

“Everything changes when you just add water,” says Darlene Nash, owner of Encore Green Environmental. “We have the potential to change our arid lands for the better.”

Encore Green Environmental has previously announced its first oil company project with Summit Gas Resources in Montana, as well as three other projects currently covered by NDAs in New Mexico and Wyoming. Next week at the Produced Water Society’s Permian Basin conference, Encore Green Environmental will announce their first Permian project.

General Manger of Encore Green Environmental, Marvin Nash said, “Oil companies often announce their mineral rights counts. Instead, we announce our acreage counts where we can put water that’s been processed to match the soil as a much better way to handle the industrial by-product water. We are at just under 100,000 acres and are finding welcome doors throughout the Western states.”