Inside Issue July 2015


Focused On The Ban

BY Luke GeiverWhy Continental Resources’ Gary Gould, a 25-year oilfield veteran and executive, is joining the charge to lift the U.S. crude oil export ban. For Gould, lifting the ban is about access to quantity, not a restriction on quality. READ MORE

Split Rock's Guide To Bakken Investing

BY Luke GeiverThis nationally recognized shale energy investment firm has a plan to leverage low oil and its small town style for economic gain. Since Starting Split Rock Trading & Wealth Management in Duluth, Minnesota, the company has become a Bakken staple. READ MORE

The Non-Op Variety

BY Emily AasandNonoperators have been prolific in the country’s shale plays since the beginning, but have become focused in the Bakken in recent years. Many opportunities exist at current oil prices. READ MORE

Leaning In The Right Direction

BY Patrick C. MillerEven before oil prices took a nosedive that sent shock waves through the U.S. oil and gas industry, Hess Corp. was on the road to improving efficiencies and cutting costs in its Bakken operations.Hess Corp. uses lean manufacturing principles. READ MORE

North American Shale News

States vs BLM: fracking standards

BY The Bakken Magazine Staff

Study: Bakken at night isn’t that bright

BY The Bakken Magazine Staff